Deer Crest Rules & Regulations

Let's keep Deer Crest a safe and beautiful place to live

Rules & Regulations


The Board of Trustees of the Deer Crest Master Association (the "Board") has promulgated specific Rules and Regulations as follows. These Rules and Regulations are effective April 2009, and remain in effect until superseded by modifications by the Board:


The Deer Crest Biking and Hiking Trails are on private land. All users entering and using the trail system do so at their own risk. All users must follow the following rules and regulations affecting the Hiking and Biking Trails:

  1. Do not use trails when wet and muddy and avoid unnecessary damage to the trail system.

  2. Use caution in construction areas and at road crossings.

  3. Trail may be closed or rerouted for construction or events.

  4. Trail conditions are variable with no representation of safety.

  5. Users assume responsibility for personal safety.

  6. Bicyclists must yield right-of-way to hikers, horses, and uphill traffic.

  7. Bicycle helmets are required for all cyclists.

  8. Area and Trails are not patrolled.

  9. No motorized vehicles.

  10. No smoking or littering.

  11. No off-trail travel - stay on designated trails.


The Deer Crest Ski Trail System is on private land. All users entering and using the trail system do so at their own risk. All users must follow the following rules and regulations affecting the Ski Trail System:

  1. Deer Crest Access Trails are private and are open only to Deer Crest Property Owners and their guests.

  2. Deer Crest Access Trails are open from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM daily, conditions permitting.

  3. Stay on the designated trails; off-trail skiing is prohibited.

  4. Going into an area designated as "closed" is prohibited.

  5. Access trails are SLOW SKIING FAMILY AREAS ONLY. Fast or reckless skiing is not permitted.

  6. The access trails are for



    . Unauthorized snowmobiles, snowboards, sleds, tubes or other devices are





  7. The access trails are "blue" intermediate and double blue "advanced intermediate."



  8. Abuse of the snow surface other than with normal ski activity is prohibited.

You should determine a trail's open or closed status by calling the Queen Esther Gatehouse before you leave your property. Skiing on a closed trail or on a closed Deer Valley run is prohibited. We also do our best to inform the Gate House of the operational status of the Jordanelle Gondola and the Mountaineer Chairlift.

Utah Inherent Risk of Skiing Statute.

As a skier you assume the risk and accept the responsibility for injuries resulting from the risks inherent in the sport of skiing, including but not limited to:

  • Changing weather and snow conditions;

  • Variations in steepness of terrain, whether natural or as a result of slope design, grooming operations, and other terrain operations

  • Surface or subsurface conditions such as bare spots, forest growth, rocks, stumps and ice;

  • Impact with lift towers, fencing, or other structures or their components, such as signs, posts, fences or enclosures, hydrants, or water pipes;

  • Collisions with other skiers; and

  • Failure to ski within one's own ability.

Always Ski in Control. If you cannot accept the risks inherent in the sport of skiing, do not use the Deer Crest ski trails.

BE AWARE that snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles and snowcats may be on the trails at any time. Unmarked obstacles may exist or present themselves at any time.

  1. Parking is permitted only within a private lot, approved off street parking area or on the road shoulder on one side of the road unless otherwise prohibited herein.

  2. No parking is allowed on curves.

  3. Parking is not allowed on the shoulders of both sides of the road at the same time.

  4. No vehicle may be parked in such a way that it interferes with snow removal.

  5. Any vehicle interfering with snow removal will be towed at the owner's expense.

  6. Deer Crest Master Association is not responsible for damage to any vehicle during snow removal operations.

  7. If more than 12 vehicles are expected at any private residence, the homeowner is required to follow the parking rules included in the Large Events and Gatherings rule.

  8. Renters are not permitted to park on the road shoulder pursuant to Wasatch County Code Section 11.08.06(6).

  9. Parking relating to construction is governed by the rules set up during the "Preconstruction Meeting" relating to such construction.

  1. The Deer Crest Master Association should be notified (435-655-8215, 435-645-9872) at least seven days in advance of any events or gatherings of more than 25 people and/or 12 cars so that security, access, snow removal and parking concerns can be addressed.

  2. Guest access will be controlled by one of the following methods:

    1. Guests will be shuttled to and from Deer Crest. This is the preferred method as all access is controlled by the event organizers. On site shuttle parking must be provided as well.

    2. Invitations can be sent out and then presented at the Gate House for access. Valet or directed parking must be provided on site.

    3. A guest list is provided to the Gate House and if someone in that vehicle is on the list then that vehicle may enter the gate. The list




      be in email form, dated and have guests listed in alphabetical order. Only two people may be authorized to make changes to the list and one of them must be the homeowner. Valet or directed parking must be provided on site.

    4. A person authorized to make decisions on who may enter is placed at the Gate House. Valet or directed parking must be provided on site.

  3. Event parking is allowed only on one side of the street to guarantee access for emergency vehicles at all times and is subject to all Deer Crest Parking Policy Rules.

  4. The homeowner or event organizer will be responsible for any additional security, parking, shuttles, etc.

  5. No event too large for Deer Crest traffic or parking capacity will be allowed. Noise ordinances will be enforced.

  6. Renters of properties at Deer Crest will be required to abide by all the rules of the Deer Crest Master Association and the Owner of the property will be ultimately responsible for the actions of all guests or renters' guests.

  7. The homeowner or event organizer must accept responsibility and liability for any damage to the Deer Crest common areas resulting from the event as per Section 3.17(b)(iii) of the Master Declaration of Covenenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

  8. No business, promotional or commercial uses, other than overnight accomodations, are allowed as per Section 7.3 of the Master Declaration of Covenenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

  9. No annoying lights or sounds are allowed.

  10. No on-street parking is allowed for rentals as per Wasatch County code.


The rental or leasing of any Lot or Unit within Deer Crest is governed by the Declaration and all statutes and regulations of the applicable governmental entity. When a single family residence is to be rented, the Owner is required to submit a rental registration form adopted by the Board, (a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A), and pay the applicable rental fee.


No light shall be emitted from any Lot or Unit which is unreasonably bright or causes unreasonable glare; no sound shall be emitted from any Lot or Unit which is unreasonably loud or annoying." All rules set forth in this policy should be interpreted under the standard of reasonableness. Any home DCMA determines is decorated in an unreasonable or excessive manner may be found in violation even if it meets the below standards:

  1. Light Color and Quantity: Colored or white lights are permitted although it is recommended not to use blinking, multiple colors or harsh brilliance.

  2. Trees: A maximum of 15 trees or shrubs are allowed to be lit.

  3. Free Standing Objects: Inflatables, mangers and representations are not allowed unless they are not visible from the roadway or neighboring properties.

  4. Rooftops/Railings: Lights are allowed on the rooflines and /or railings of homes. They generally should run parallel to roof lines unless they are of an "icicle" design.

  5. Wreaths/Ornaments: Lighted wreaths and ornaments are allowed to be mounted on homes.

  6. Restrictions: Seasonal Holiday decorations may only be displayed from November 1st through March 31st. Decorations specific to another nationally recognized holiday may be displayed the week before and after such holiday. All lighting must be turned off by 11 pm nightly.


The Deer Crest HOA has placed an indefinite ban on all fireworks within the development. Many residential areas see devastating wild fires that threaten the safety of homes and communities, especially in mountainous environs like our own. We appreciate your support in this important safety matter and be aware that violations of the ban may result in fines and recovery of the cost for fire-fighting.


Drones may only be used in the air space above private homes and not above other homes or above the common areas and ski trails without the approval of the HOA.


The Deer Crest HOA gate entry requirements are based on an agreement with Park City Municipal. If you're planning on showing homes or are hosting or coordinating an open house, then please familiarize yourself with the following rules:

  1. All realtors must have an appointment to enter the gates. There are three types of appointments that will allow for entry:

    1. The listing agent or the owner calls the Queen Esther gate house and provides the name of the agent who will be showing or previewing the listing.

    2. A realtor is attending a prescheduled open house.

    3. An agent wanting to give their client an overview of the community should call or have their broker call and notify the Queen Esther gate house in advance.

  2. Realtors should always show their business card upon arrival to the gate attendant to identify themselves as an agent.

  3. Only realtors


    will be allowed to attend a prescheduled open house in Deer Crest.

  4. The Deer Crest Queen Esther gate house phone number is 435-645-9872.


Garbage cans may be put out on Wednesday evenings for Thursday morning pick ups. During storm cycles they will need to be put out on Thursday mornings to allow for snow removal from the roadways. Once emptied, they will then need to be removed from roadways and placed out of sight before Thursday evening at 5 pm. Any owners not complying will receive a warning, then a $100 fine, followed by $250 and then finally $500.


All garage doors are required to be closed when not in use.


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